Ex-Somali MP behind UN Mogadishu attack described legislators as “apostates” before defection

Ex- Somali Member of Parliament who was confirmed being behind UN Mogadishu car bomb attack believed Somali national assembly members were “apostates”.

Salah Nur Ismail also known as Salah Badabado described fellow members of parliament as “apostates” serving the interest of the foreign occupation shortly before his defection.

The man who graduated from institutes controlled the armed group Alshabaab and headed key learning centres for awhile before his death was born in Sanag in 1960s and went schooling in Northern part of Somalia now referred to us Somaliland.

 More than 20 were killed in the twin car bomb explosion in capital Mogadishu on Tuesday.
 Most of the victims of the attack that targeted UN compound and the entrance of the main airport were private UN guards.

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