Disaster Management Agency sends relief food, supplies to newly liberated Middle Shabelle Villages

Over 10 trucks loaded with relief food and supplies are headed for villages and Towns in parts of Central Somalia. 

Hundreds of bags of food and non food items were on Thursday dispatched to Masjid Ali Gadud and Adale Districts to help victims affected by war and drought. 

The two villages have been under the control of the Somali militant group Al-Shabab for 14-years. 

The Somali National Army and allied local militia toppled al-shabab and pushed them deep into southern Somalia in ongoing military offensives by the Somali Security Forces. 

The support has been channelled through the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SODMA) from partners of the Somali Government.

Mr. Mohamud Moallim, Commissioner of Somali Disaster Management Agency said the aid will be helping over 3,000 families living in areas liberated from the militants.

The Commissioner promised that the Somali Government will support and provide immediate help to people in areas liberated from the hands of the militants. 

“The Somali Disaster management Agency vowed to supply relief to liberated areas. We are fulfilling our promise by sending this donation to the people in Ali Gadudu and surrounding areas, as well as Adan Yabaal,” said Moalim.

“The delivered supplies will be enough for over 3,000 families which I believe will go a long way in helping those in dire need of support,” he added. 

Hirshabelle State Minister for Humanitarian affairs and Disaster management Yussuf Ahmed said the donation will help people who have been left in dire need of emergency relief food and water.

Mr. Yussuf thanked the Federal Government for facilitating the distribution which was earlier promised by the administration.

“I am glad and honoured to be receiving this donation on behalf of the people of Middle Shabelle. We will provide aid to people in Adale and Ragga Elle Districts,” said Yussuf.  

Last Month, the Somali Government announced it will be sending relief aid to people in newly liberated areas from the militant group al-Shabab.

As part of the Civil Military Cooperation, food aid and medical supplies will be delivered to all areas liberated by the Somali National Army (SNA).  

The Commander of the Somali Army and the Minister for Interior have suggested the use of the military in responding to the current drought.  

The government will use the military hardware in transporting and distributing the aid to deserving victims of the drought.

According to the US Africa Command, the operations were the ‘largest’ security operation in five years against Al-Shabaab. 

The Somali National Armed Forces have conducted recently successful operations that led to the liberation of more than twenty villages where the militants were heavily defeated.

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