Bird strike forces emergency landing of Ethiopia Airline Plane in Mogadishu

A bird strike forced the emergency landing of an Ethiopian airline plane, which was carrying travellers to Addis Ababa.

The incident occurred Monday evening as the plane was leaving Adan Abdule International airport.

Dalsan has learnt the cabin crew and all passengers on board are safe.

Both the Somali Civil Aviation Authority and the Ethiopian airlines have not been available for comment.

Abdulkadir Sheikh Mohamed, a passenger onboard the plane to Bole International Airport thanked God for surviving the accident.

“There are no any casualties. We thank God for saving us,” said Abdi.

A bird strike occurs when a moving airplane collides with a bird.

The bird can hit any part of an airplane and in all cases it will be called a bird strike.

According to Sources a bird collided with the engine of the Ethiopian airline causing fire and huge smoke.

Over the past two decades, bird strikes were related to more than 106 civilian deaths worldwide, according to per British and Canadian researchers.

Such volume is related to a growing number of flights, changing birds’ migratory patterns, better reporting of bird strikes, bigger, faster, and quieter turbofan-powered aircraft, which give birds less time to get out of the way.

Experts also assume that bird strike incidents cause about $1.2 billion in damage per year.

From 1988 to 2017, a total of 263 civilian aircraft were either destroyed or damaged beyond repair due to wildlife strikes around the world.

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