AlShabaab Official Defects To Protest Zoobe Bombing

An Alshabaab top operator and bomb expert said to be behind several past explosions has defected the group after his dissatisfaction with the killing of over 600 people in the October 14, 2017, bombings.

According to the Somalia National Army Adow Maalin Isaq surrendered voluntarily to the Somalia government.

Isaaq was in charge of making IEDs that has become an effective method used by the militant against government forces and Amisom troops.

Isaaq reportedly confessed to having defected after they were touched by the large number of casualties in the Zoobe bombing.

Isaaq has claimed that many youths defected the group following the Zoobe bombing.

SNA Commander of the 60th battalion Ismail Khalif Shire called on members of Alshabaab to defect from the group and benefit from the government pardon.

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