AlShabaab Kenya Bus Attack Movie Nominated For Oscars

“Watu Wote” a film based on true story has been nominated for the Oscars Academy Awards  Best Live Action Short Film.

The film whose title translates to “All Of Us” depicts how Muslim passengers protected Christians when militant group Al-Shabaab attacked their bus at a time when their were deep divisions among the two communities in the country.

In the December 15 2015 incident which happened near the border town of El Wak, Muslim passengers refused to be separated with the Christians when the militant demanded so.

Muslim women offered hijab and dress to the only Christian woman in the bus saving her from being killed by the militants.

A Muslim teacher Salah Farah was shot at by the militants when he protested attempts separate and kill Christian passengers. 

Farah the Deputy headmaster Mandera Township Primary School  later died at a Nairobi and awarded the Order of the Grand Warrior by  Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta for his courage.

Watu Wote produced by  German and Kenyan crew and starring Somali actors Faysal Ahmed and Barkhad Abdirahman premiered on Tuesday in Nairobi .

It has  won over 35 film festival awards since its production in 2016. .

Four other films competing for the category are “The Silent Child”, “DeKalb Elementary”, The Eleven O’clock” and “Nephew Emmett” on March 4.

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