Al-Shabaab Leader Mahad Agadub Dead After Pursuit by Government Forces

The Somali government has confirmed the death of Mahad Agadub, a high-ranking leader of Al-Shabaab.

According to a government press release, Agadub experienced a heart attack while trying to escape the advancing government forces near Galcad in the Galgaduud region.

Agadub had reportedly led Al-Shabaab and oversaw security in several areas of the Galgaduud region. He was also responsible for leading Al-Shabaab’s extortion network in districts including Meehan, Towfiq, Ali Afrax, Bud Bud, and El Raydab.

Government sources state that Agadub was apprehended during an operation by government forces in the Towfiq area, roughly 15 km north of Galcad. During the operation, two of Agadub’s bodyguards were detained, and two other fighters were arrested.

Al-Shabaab fighters launched a counter-offensive against the military unit responsible for capturing Agadub. Despite his effort to flee, a wounded Agadub succumbed and died after a 3 km run due to a cardiac arrest.

Agadub’s death is a significant victory for the Somali government’s campaign against Al-Shabaab. Agadub’s leadership role and the extensive territory he oversaw made him a key target for government forces.

Al-Shabaab continues to be a major threat to Somalia’s security, having claimed responsibility for a series of deadly attacks across the country in recent years. The group continues to fight against Somali government forces and African Union troops stationed in the country.

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