PM Hamza Reiterates Commitment to Improving Education Sector

The Federal Government of Somalia, under the leadership of Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre, has reiterated its commitment to improving the education sector and working conditions for teachers.

Speaking during a graduation ceremony for teachers who will be deployed to various parts of the country, the Prime Minister emphasized that his government is fully committed to ensuring that all children in the country have access to quality education.

The government’s commitment towards education is a positive sign, especially given the many challenges the sector has faced in Somalia over the years. One of the main issues has been a severe shortage of skilled teachers, particularly beyond the major cities such as Mogadishu.

Education, Heritage, and Higher Education Minister Farah Abdul Qadir, emphasized the importance of training more teachers to ensure that there are enough trained educators in Somalia.

He asserted that the government plans to ensure that all schools have the necessary number of teachers and enough resources to provide quality education to the learners.

Education has been a particular challenge for Somalia, with conflicts and displacement affecting access to schools, teachers, and resources across the country.

Improving the education sector is linked to the Federal Government’s larger goals of boosting the economy and alleviating poverty among the Somali people. Better access to quality education can lead to higher levels of skilled labor, entrepreneurship, and innovation, fostering growth and prosperity. Additionally, the government’s efforts to improve working conditions for educators demonstrate its understanding of the important role teachers play in strengthening the education system.

The Federal Government of Somalia’s commitment to improving the education sector is a positive step in annexing access to quality education for all Somali learners.

Through training more teachers, availing resources, and ensuring children is in schools, the government is taking fundamental steps to creating a better future for the country.

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