60 year old Somali Taylor wants to be a doctor after 50 years

Ahmed Saney, 60 years old student who sat for his final secondary school examination in Somalia this week wants to be a doctor.

Radio Dalsan team visited Saney in his school in Balcad outskirts of Mogadishu on Tuesday to document the challenges his facing in his dream to be a doctor.

Student Saney photos while in examination room doing his final paper went viral on social media mainly twitter and facebook with congratulatory messages. https://www.radiodalsan.com/2016/05/30/60-years-old-becomes-social-media-icon-for-attending-final-secondary-school-exams/

“I dropped out of school in 1965 following economic challenges faced by my family and started tailoring business to sustain them,” he told Dalsan team.

“I am happy to be in school now to continue my education to fulfill my dreams,” he added.

He said he want to be a doctor to help people in his village and across the country and needs government support.

“I call upon the government and well wishers to help me achieve my dreams of being a doctor in my country.”  he said.

When asked about sitting in the same class with fellow students like his grandchildren, Saney replied “education has no age, the most certain is acquiring the knowledge both secular and religious,”

He was among 45000 secondary students across the country who sat for the nationalized examination during the second year respectively.

You can watch five minutes video in Somali here on Saney school and fellow students.

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