17 Somalis Arrested In A Cairo Swoop

Egyptian security officials on Monday carried out an operation in Aashir neighbourhood in the Egyptian capital Cairo that is mostly dominated by the Somali community and arrested 17 youth.

Mohamed Abbas, a Somali student in Cairo said among the arrested are students and refugees.

“The security officials have arrested seventeen Somali youth. They arrested them from a Somali hotel in Aashir neighbourhood and its surroundings” said Abbas.

“Those arrested include refugees, students and also a young man who had an American citizenship” he said.

“Reasons behind their arrest is not yet clear but normally foreigners are arrested when the election time nears” Mr. Abbas said.

“It’s expected that those who are on a student visa or refugee permit will be released while those who don’t have any permit will be deported as the case used to be before. And the US Embassy is expected to work towards the release of the young man with the American citizenship” Abbas added.

The arrest came a week after the security officials have released two young Somali men who were in detention in Nasri City for long.

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