US warplane bombs Al shabaab bases in southern of Somalia

Somali commandos unity backed by US Special Forces with helicopters bombed Al shabaab bases at Omar Beere location in lower shabelle region of Somalia overnight.

Local residents said the missiles fired by the warplanes on struck the fighters’ outpost.

“We heard several blasts on the outskirts of Omar beere location near Tooratoorow overnight. We can’t confirm how many people died in the attacks,” said local resident Hussein Mohamed.

It is not immediately clear the damages caused by the strike.

There is no comment from Somali government and US forces in Somalia.

Early this week, Somali rebel group al-Shabab says it has siezed an armed drone after it crashed in Somalia’s lower shabelle region.

The unmarked drone, came down in the Bariire town in lower shabelle region, in an area controlled by the al-Qaeda-linked armed group.

The terror group has a strong base in southern Somalia and the government of Somalia has always accused the group of attacks on residents in the area.

Kenya and US jets have often carried out attacks against the unlawful group.

Written by Hassan Istiila


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