State Leaders Punch Holes On Farmaajo “Neutral” Policy, Calls For End To UAE Row

Somalia’s regional states leaders concluded the second Inter State Co-operation Conference in Baidoa with a call to Mogadishu to resolve its diplomatic row with United Arab Emirates.

A communique released after the three day conference accused Farmaajo administration of taking sides in the Gulf crisis.

The leaders raised concern over “worsening relations” between Mogadishu and Abu Dhabi.

“The Council has expressed its dismay over the the fast deteriorating relationship between the Federal Government on one side and the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the other” the communique partly said.

“The pretense of the Federal Government that is neutral on the Gulf crisis notwithstanding it is more than adequately clear that the Federal Government has taken sides” the leader said.

“The Council views of this trend continues it will negatively impact on the long time brotherly relationship among the three countries. Therefore the Council is calling upon the Federal Government in line with the economic and social interest of the Somali people to take honest steps from her side to repair and improve this valuable relationship” the Council stated.

Somalia had chosen a “neutral” stance following the 2017 Gulf Crisis and maintained diplomatic ties with Qatar.

UAE has recently invited the regional states leaders and signed deals that the Federal government claims breached it’s foreign policy.

As the leaders met in Baidoa seeking Farmaajo to mend fences with Abu Dhabi the Somali President was on a state visit of Qatar where the two countries inked two significant deals in health and infrastructure.

On security and the war against the Alshabaab the leaders say the militants can only be lodged if the regional forces are supported.

“The Council is calling upon the Federal Government and the international community to supply and support regional forces in terms of military equipment, firearms, ammunition, training as previously agreed” the communique stated.



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