Somaliland: SOLJA Joins Growing Number Condemning Fraudulent Somali Content Publishers

Somaliland: SOLJA Joins Growing Number Condemning Fraudulent Somali Content Publishers

In a press statement released the leading Somaliland Journalist Association (SOLJA) joined, today, a growing number of  Somali prominent bodies condemning an unholy association between one media pirate, Dahir Alasaw and Omar Faruk and a few other bodies he has on tow to harass prominent members of the Somali society for blackmail and other material gains: media practitioners, Non-governmental organizations business establishments, political leaders and whole countries such as the Republic of Somaliland and Djibouti.

Similarly phrased,  indignant protestations had been voiced elsewhere precipitating an international look into his activities as they cross boundaries and span across a wide variety of professions and vocations.

Solja stated that it wished to join SIMHA and NUSOJ in joining the hue-and-cry against the “harassment and defamation of civic leaders, business communities, Somali diplomatic communities, international diplomatic communities, the donor community and public figures”.

The Solja statementread as follows:

To: Whom it may concern

Cc: The Government of Somaliland

Cc: All international partners of Somaliland Government


HARGEISA, 28 October 2015 –The Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) would like to issue the following press statement on its condemnation against fraudulent publishers namely, and, which accustomed to use media as a form of tool to harassment and intimidation.

Therefore, SOLJA statement is as follows:-

WE Strongly condemn the actions of individuals such as Omar Faruk Osman and Dahir Abdulle Alasow, the owner of website, for their illegitimate, unprofessional and fraudulent practices, which undermines the fundamental principles of ethical journalism both locally and internationally.

Reaffirms that those fraudulent websites do not represent journalistic practices in Somaliland and across the Somali regions, but it is nonetheless, it is the capacity of its own and lawlessness in its country; 

Call on those publishers namely, and, to immediately halt their harassment, intimidation and proliferation of information against individuals and business people in particular in Somaliland;

Warns that the repeated harassment and defamation against individuals and private enterprises is a pure threat against stability in Somaliland and in neighboring countries in the Horn of Africa.

We warn that the fraudulent practices of Omar Faruk Osman and Dahir Abdulle  Alasow, the owner of website, can lead to more serious threats to the entire stability in the region;



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