Somali President urges Al shabaab to take peace option instead of terror

The President of the federal republic of Somalia has urged armed group Al Shabaab to consider peace option instead of brands of terror path.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud office issued statement to members of al-Shabaab on Wednesday following media speculation of pledge allegiance of Al Shabaab to Islamic state group in Iraq and Syria

The President said options are not limited to choosing between different brands of terrorism and thus there is another way.”

“We follow with keen interest the now public dispute within al-Shabaab over whether to swear allegiance to al-Qa’ida or the Islamic State, or Da’esh, as it should be known- ‘the destroyers’ he said.

The President said Somalia had enough of horror and does not need new options of doctrine of violence referring to Al Shabaab consideration of joining ISIS.

“This falling out amongst al-Shabaab is symptomatic of a group that has lost its way, its ideology and is clinging to an option of last resort. We do not need a new brand of horror and repression in Somalia. Somalia has had enough of any brand of terrorist, he said.

Sheikh Mohamud called upon the group to renounce violence and choose peace saying they will be welcomed back into the community and guaranteed safety.

“As we have said before, and as I will keep saying until there are no more of you left to say it to, if you feel you are within the grip of these terrorists and you want another option, stretch out your hands to the government. Reach out to us by any means. You will find a willing ear and a helping hand. The government will guarantee your safety. Our only condition is that you reject al-Shabaab and its doctrine of violence, and that you pledge to follow the path of peaceful resolution to conflict. You will not be alone.”

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