Somaliland says “We’re not part of Somali election but its respected elders said “We are part of Somalia“

In 1991, the northern Somalia breakaway region declared a self-independence from the rest of Somalia; however despite its long campaigns for recognition no country has so far recognized it as an independent state.

On Tuesday respected elders and prominent politicians form Somaliland held a meeting in Mogadishu as to talk about the election and how they facing.

“ We are part of Somalia furthermore we want to make somalia great again” politicians told reporters.

Other hand Somaliland’s information minister Osman Abdullahi Sahardid says that Somaliland is independent country and no part of Somalia.

“ We do not have people representing us in the somali government, those claimed to be our representing are self-appointed, somaliland is a country pursing their independents, he added

“Of course, we have been looking for recognition for a long time and we have already some recognitions because we are a country with an army, currency, government and parliament.” Added.

The ongoing parliamentary election in Somalia underway in country, on Tuesday delegates from Somaliland go on polls and elected six MPs in Mogadishu.

Six lawmakers were elected on Tuesday  in the first round of voting for Lower House representatives from Somaliland who are Abdirahman Beyle, former Somali foreign minister and ex-African development Bank (AFDB), Mohamed Omar Arte current deputy Prime minister, Asha Koss, Ahmed Dhimbile Roble, Mohamed Ibrahim Abdi, former basketball player and current president of Heegan SC, Yurub Mohamed Omar and others.

Written by Hassan Istiila