Somaliland detains federal government MP

The self-declared Somali regional state of Somaliland has detained Member of Parliament from federal government in Mogadishu.

The governor of Awdal Mohamed Ali Suleyman has confirmed that Ahmed Hussein is in their custody in Borama and will be arraigned in court soon.

There is no information from federal government in Mogadishu to clarify Somaliland claims of arresting its MP.

Since declaring self-independence from larger Somalia in 1992, Somaliland has strict measures to deal with its citizens that are pro union and against succession.

Politicians from federal government in Mogadishu are not welcomed in Somaliland territory and are arrested and prosecuted once found inside Hargeisa borders.

Somaliland which has just marked its 24th anniversary since declared its succession from other part of Somalia is not recognized by the international community despite democratic and economic progress.

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