Somalia: The speaker endorses the recent motion

The speaker of the Somali national assembly and his two deputies has fully accepted the standing motion against the Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

In a written letter the speaker and his two deputies have agreed and called the motion against the President submitted by 93 lawmakers as legitimate and valid.

“In the next parliament session the entire lawmakers will discus and debate over the issue of the motion against the head of the country, thus I and my two deputies call the motion as a legitimate one” said the speaker of the Somali national assembly Mohamed Sheikh Osman “Jawari”.

The speaker also added that the parliament is there to endorse anything that is constitutional and discard anything that is unconstitutional.

The Somali parliamentarians are often on the march to submit motions against any senior officer in the government they did against many Prime Ministers, Speakers and Presidents.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein

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