Somalia: Alshabab firing squad kills 4 in Buale town

Alshabab’s firing squad has on late Friday afternoon killed 4 men at Buale district in middle jubba region of Somalia.

According to Alshabab’s court which has passed the verdict against them says that the men were secret agents for the Somali federal government and each one of them had especial task assign to do.

Abdi Noor Mohamed Abdi aged 20yrs was indicted for recruiting men for the Somali federal government.

Ali Hussein Ahmed aged 50yrs was indicted for creating abhorrence between Alshabab and the locals in the area.

Farah Abdulle Ali 63yrs was indicted for being a spy for the Somali federal government. Mohamed Ahmed Ali 20yrs was also indicted for being a spy for the Somali federal government.

During the time when the firing squad were linedup to simultaneously fire at the four men there were so many locals who have turned out to witness how the action was taking place.

Alshabab usually carry out such acts of death penalties to people of both genders who they think that they are not supporting their ideology and make excuses of saying that they work for the Somali federal government, the AU troops or sometimes say with the western countries.
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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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