Somali National Army neautralizes 20 al-shabaab militants in Lower Shabelle region

In planned military operation in southern Somalia, the Somali National Army (SNA), supported by international allies, has killed at least 20 al-Shabab militants.

The operation was conducted on Thursday night in Lower Shabelle’s Ali Fuuto neighborhood, which is 35 kilometers from the Kuntuwaray neighborhood.

The operation transpired on Thursday night in Lower Shabelle’s Ali Fuuto neighborhood, which is 35 kilometers from the Kuntuwaray neighborhood.

According to military officials, the army carried out targeted attack on two homes where the group was gathering militants and creating explosives for upcoming attacks.

The army killed the militants who were making preparations while destroying the homes during the operation.

The South West administration recently declared its intent to conduct regular offensives against al-Shabaab in areas under the group’s control.

With the second phase of the operations in the offing , the militants whose presence has massively dwindled in the central regions of the country will be all out clinging onto southern bastions as the government gird’s it’s loins for an all out battle to

stamp out the rebels.

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