Somali army kills 30 al Shabaab fighters in Galgadud region

Over the course of the last two days, military operations in the Galhareri district of the Galgadud region have resulted in the deaths of at least 30 Al-Shabaab militants, according to Somali forces and local clan militia  supported by foreign allies. Brigadier General Abdullahi Ali Anod, a spokesman for the country’s M nistry of Defense, reported that during the operations to liberate the Galhareri district, the combined forces also set a vehicle on fire with explosives inside.

“Heavy fighting occurred in the areas known as El-Ba’ad and the six gates in the southwest of Galhareri. Our reports confirm the elimination of about 30 Khawarij militants, with one of our soldiers having fallen as a martyr. The army successfully neutralized an explosives-rigged vehicle.”

The ongoing military operation in the Eastern Galgadud region spans four directions, the Ministry of Defense spokesperson added. He promised that in the upcoming days, the army would liberate the last of the al Shabab-controlled areas in the area.

“The Khawarij’s strategy involves going behind our forces and planting landmines along the road. Recognizing this plan, we have determined that the army must proceed cautiously and remain vigilant against their schemes. Our forces are advancing on foot across a broad front,” he elaborated.

He urged locals in a number of villages in Galhareri and Elbur, two districts in the Galgadud region that are under the control of al Shabaab, to leave “immediately” as Somali forces, supported by international allies, began new airstrikes and military operations targeting the organization.

“I want to tell you to stay away from the land between Hindere and Garab la’. These are the areas where the threat is most pronounced. We are also asking you to avoid El Qohle, Wabho, El Harardere, Dabagalo, and Jacar.”

As the government gears to initiate the second of Al shabaab liberation operation  termed the ‘ black lion’ in the southern bastions it  aims to completely rid of the militants in central Somalia


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