Silver lining in the horizon for somalia as Al shabab lose key region to somalia  armed forces

The Somali Armed forces with the help of the pro-government armed militias liberated a key coastal town in Galmudug state after Alshabaab fighters withdrew without firing a single shot.

The coastal town of Harardheere town in the Mudug region was held by the militant group for over a decade. Among other areas liberated from the group in recent days include El dheerin  Galguduud region from the Al-Shabaab without a fight.

Haradhere is a port town located 500 kilometres (300 miles) northeast of the capital Mogadishu in central Somalia and was a key supply route for Al-Shabaab. It was also former pirates’ base.

The Minister of Defence, Abdulkadir Hussein Mohamed, confirmed to the press immediately after the militants vacated the town on Monday.

”It is a great joy for all the Somali people, the government and particularly for the people of the Harardheere and Galgaduud and the other surrounding districts to be finally free from the subjugation and the suffering forced on them by the Alshabaab.” Defence Minister said.

The Minister continuing his statement called on the residents of the not leave their homes but to remain calm. “The liberating force is your own army and has come to protect you” he continued.

Al-Shabaab had seized the town in 2010 after dislodging local militias and pirates.

In recent months, the army and local clan militias have retaken many territories in Galmudug and Hirshabelle states in an operation backed by US air strikes and an African Union force.

Al-Shabaab has been waging a bloody insurgency against the un backed central government for about 15 years, carrying out attacks both in Somalia and neighbouring countries which sent troops to help in the fight against the militants.

Although forced out of Mogadishu and other main urban centres more than a decade ago, Al-Shabaab remains entrenched in parts of rural central and southern Somalia.

They frequently retaliated against the offensive with bloody attacks in the capital and elsewhere which is also grappling with drought.

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