President Mohamud Meets Traditional Elders to Discuss Las Anod Conflict Resolution

On Sunday night, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud welcomed a delegation of traditional elders from Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions to the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu, to discuss the ongoing conflict in Las Anod and find a peaceful resolution.

The elders briefed the President on the latest developments of the conflict and shared their perspectives on the situation in the disputed town of Las Anod, where there have been clashes between the SCC forces and Somaliland army.

President Mohamud reaffirmed the government’s commitment to seeking a peaceful resolution and playing a constructive role in facilitating negotiations to end the ongoing bloodshed. He emphasized that the federal government is dedicated to finding a resolution to the longstanding dispute and promoting peace in the region.

The traditional elders expressed their gratitude to the federal government for its position regarding the fate of Sool and Sanaag. They also highlighted the challenges faced by the local population due to the prolonged conflict, including displacement and loss of livelihoods.

Among the esteemed elders who were part of the delegation were Garad Jama Garad Ismail, Ugas Mohamud Ugas Abdilahi, Garad Abrisaq Garad Soofe, Garad Abdisalan Hassan Mohamed, and Sultan Mustafa Mohamud Awseed. They received a warm reception upon their arrival at Aden Adde airport in Mogadishu on Sunday.

The meetingbetween the President and the traditional elders is a positive step towards finding a resolution to the conflict, which has been ongoing for many years. The involvement of traditional elders, who play a significant role in Somali society, is crucial in finding a peaceful solution to the conflict.

The federal government has been working to resolve the dispute and has called on both sides to engage in dialogue to end the violence. The Somali Security Forces have also been urged to exercise restraint and protect civilians caught in the conflict.

The conflict in Las Anod has been a source of tension between the SCC forces and the Somaliland army for many years. The town is located in a disputed area between the two regions, and the conflict has resulted in many casualties and displacement of local populations.

As the federal government prepares to take over security responsibilities from AMISOM, finding a resolution to the conflict is more critical than ever. The federal government’s commitment to finding a peaceful solution and engaging traditional leaders is a positive step towards achieving lasting peace in the region.

The meeting with the traditional elders is an excellent opportunity to engage local communities in the peace process and ensure that their perspectives are heard. The involvement of traditional leaders in the peace process is crucial to building trust between communities and ensuring a sustainable peace in the region.

In conclusion, President Mohamud’s meeting with traditional elders is a positive step towards finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Las Anod. The federal government’s commitment to engaging traditional leaders and finding a peaceful solution is critical toensuring lasting peace in the region. It is hoped that the dialogue between the President and the traditional elders will lead to a resolution of the conflict and an end to the violence in Las Anod.

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