Police officer Ahmed Rashid pleads not guilty to two counts of murder

In Nairobi, police officer Ahmed Rashid has finally entered a plea of not guilty to murder charges in the case of two young men’s deaths.

The plea came after High Court judge Diana Mochache dismissed a jurisdiction-application, ruling that the court had the right to hear the case.

Granted a Ksh.200,000 cash bail, Rashid had earlier been accused of killing two teenagers in 2017, with video footage of the shooting prompting questions about extrajudicial killings.

As a result of investigations by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) watchdog, Rashid faced murder charges in November 2020.

The watchdog stated that its investigations had revealed that the deaths were caused by illegal police action. Rashid, however, maintained his innocence during the hearing, insisting that he was simply carrying out his duties as a law-abiding police officer.


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