PM Sharmarke and NISA clash over alleged detention of Somaliland traditional Leader.

Somalia Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmake and the country’s intelligence body have publicly clashed over allegation of the arrest of a traditional leader

Premier Sharmake had claimed that NISA officers arrested tradional leader
Mohamed Jama in order to disrupt the ongoing elections

rw-omarA statement from the Office of the PM dated 28th November claimed that “NISA is interfering in the election process” after it had arrested the traditional leader

NISA however denied the allegations and accused PM Sharmake of propagating  false information

“It is unfortunate the PM reacted on rumour” NISA said on its official twitter account

“Nisa did not arrest the elder” it added and attached a video purporting a press conference held by the said traditional leader

This latest clash is seen by analyst as part of the political tussle pitting the premier and Villa Somalia

In a  twist of events information minister Mohamed Abdi Maareeye seen by many as  pro Villa Somalia  has asked for the CID to launch an investigation over the alleged arrest of Mohamed Jama

In the  press conference the the traditional leader reluctantly admitted that he he had earlier  been put in custody “but treated well”
The video confirmed that the elder was indeed arrested by NISA aĺthough his current butvit could not be immediately ascertained of he was still under police custody
Jama from Somaliland was involved in the selection of delegates from the region which commenced on Wednesday in Mogadishu.