Somalia: Boy hangs himself in Buurhakaba

A teenage boy by the name Abdurahman Bile has hanged himself at Buurhakaba district in Baay region west of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

This boy has been dating a teenage girl from the same district and finally they both agreed to tie the marriage knot together.

As the traditional Somali customs the boy informed his parents about the issue, and willing his parents accepted the decision of their son.

A week later the parents of the boy arranged themselves to meet the family of the girl, but the answer from the girl’s family was absolutely negative.

Instantly after the disappointed parents informed the negative result from the girl’s parents to their son, he started weeping till his eyes turned into dark red.

The following day the disheartened boy hanged himself within their house and left a note on the chair; “I did this may because I lost my ambition partner in life and in this case life is worthless without her” says the note.

This is the first incident of its kind in the district and the local residents are extremely shocked about this unfamiliar incident.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein