Al Shabaab urges Muslim in the region to rise up

The leader of Somali armed group Al-Shabaab has urged Muslims in east-Africa region to rise up in arms and participate in Jihad.

Sheikh Ahmed Omar Abu-Ubeyda has urged people to join the group training camps in Somalia.

He welcomed the people of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda and unstable Central African Republic to come to Al-Shabaab camps during his Eid greeting message.

The new leader who replaced group founder who was killed by US drone last September justified the attacks in Kenya saying it is revenge for oppression and humiliation of Muslims and advised the Muslims in Burma, who are persecuted by their own government, to be patient and stand firm.

The Al AQaida linked group leader said that joining the global jihad is the only solution to ‘confronting the tyrannical systems of disbelief that have been forcefully imposed upon your necks’.

The group leader message comes days after it lost key towns in South Somalia to Somali National Army and African Union troops.

US President Barack Obama has reiterated US support for regional countries in fight against Al Shabaab.

Speaking at African Union headquarters in Ethiopia President Obama described the group as “murderers” that needs to be fought.