Somali government rules out 2016 general elections

The federal government of Somalia has completely ruled out planned 2016 general elections in the country.

The parliament said that one man one vote is not possible in the war torn state following a meeting in the capital Mogadishu on Tuesday in which Wednesday’s “The New Deal” meeting was also discussed.

The 25 member committee chairman tasked by the government Abdullahi Godah Barre has read three point agreement between the parliament and cabinet paving way the ruled out of one man one vote come next year 2016.

One of the agreed point calls for a general meeting that brings together regional states government and central government for the discussion on how to hold elections since one man one vote is not possible.

Somalia’s mains opposition parties have rejected the government move in ruling out 2016 general election.

In a press statement sent to news rooms Forum for Democracy and Unity has blamed current government saying the leadership in Somalia has utterly failed to advance the objects of the Provisional Constitution, the principles contained in Vision 2016, a document which the government single-handedly developed and committed to in September 2013.


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