MP Sala Yakub At Loggerheads With His Constituency Business Community

Fafi Member of Parliament, Sala Yakub has found himself in a controversy after he generated a public debate on constitutional changes to allow a longer term for President in office.

This time around, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) first-time Mp is at loggerheads with a local business community at Hagadera ward in Fafi constituency.

Contrary to the law defining roles of an MP, Mr Yakub has formed an eight-member taskforce and rocked in security agencies in his constituency.

The task force will look into allegations of land encroachment, local slaughterhouse management, the business committee in the area and a pharmaceutical enterprise in Hagardera ward.

Other areas of interest by the MP include water and sanitation management and mushrooming of private schools in the area.

In a letter dated December 23, 2022, Mr Yakub noted that areas to be investigated by the Taskforce are most likely to cause conflict in the area between the refugees, the host community and the Non-government agencies operating locally.

“I do hereby appoint a Taskforce to attend to issues that are likely to cause conflict between the host community, refugees and the NGOs. This after I held a meeting at Hagardera Police station compound with security agencies,” Mr Yakub said in a letter.

In a quick response, the local business community at Hagardera ward dismissed the MP’s plan terming it unconstitutional.

“What our MP has done is causing unnecessary tension and it might escalate into a conflict between different ethnic groups living in Hagardera,” Mr Mohamed Iftin, the Hagardera Business Community secretary.

According to Mr Iftin, Fafi legislator is deliberately overstepping his mandate or totally not familiar with his roles as member of parliament.

“A task force can only be formed by either the President as the head of state or the commander of armed forces or the county a county governor in matters relating to county affairs. This must be through a legal gazette notice.



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