PM endorses Somaliland elders demand relocation of elections to base

Prime Minister Omar Sharmake has backed a call by Somaliland elders to have the polling stations of the regions elections relocated from Police Transport headquarters to the Halane Amisom military base citing security.

In a statement from the PM office Sharmake who is also a presidential candidate said moving the polling station to Halane as the elders demanded  would make the elections accountable.

The elders In a statement to the electoral body FIEIT  which was availed to Radio Dalsan the elders raised concern that the proposed location would compromise the election results and pointed out their concern about security.

The statement was signed by 13 elders from the region that is yet to conduct Lower and Upper House elections due to wrangles over delegates list  election to.

Sharmake’s public endorsement for the relocation of the polling station has launched another politival battle ground between the Premier and the President who both have been canvassing for to gunner the most votes from Somaliland Mps in the coming presidential elections.

Speaking to Radio Dalsan a Somaliland candidate raised concern that delegates had a set mind on which camp to vote for.

“I was a candidate MP and I was told if am not with the President I will not make it in the elections so there is no way to pay the 5000 dollars” the candidate said on condition of anonymity.

Elections for the Somaliland region is yet to take place after false starts attributed to wrangles over  delegates list.