Erdogan opens largest Turkish embassy vows to comeback to open military academy

Turkish President Reccip Tayyip Erdogan has officially opened the largest Ottoman diplomatic mission in Africa.

10,000 square metres building near Indian ocean in Somali capital will go down to history as the largest Turkish embassy in the continent cementing further the growing strong diplomatic relations between Somalia one of the poorest African state and Turkey one of the strongest economic and military power in world.

Speaking shortly after the opening of the embassy in Mogadishu Abdulaziz district, President Erdogan reiterated his country support for peace building and reconstruction in the horn of African state.

Accompanied by first lady Emine Erdgoan, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, deputy PM, minister for economy and among other senior officials in his government, President Erdogan vowed to return to Mogadishu again to open military academy sponsored by Turkey to train Somali army, new health and education facilities.

He said his government is committed in helping Somalia in the development and reconstruction process.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who welcomed Turkish leader and his delegation with open hands have thanked Turkish government and its people for standing with Somalia during difficult times.

Somalis online have praised the role of Turkey in their country saying it is purely development oriented and other nations need to emulate Turkish style.

Already #ErdoganWelcomeTo Somalia is trending on twitter to show support and welcome to Erdogan third visit in the recuperating state.

Presdent Erdogan visited Mogadishu just hours after UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond left.

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