Demonstrations erupt in Hargeisa as Somaliland rallies behind Somaliland army following defeat in Sool region

Hargeisa witnessed a wave of government-backed demonstrations as residents took to the streets to express their support for the National Army following their recent defeat in the Sool region.

The atmosphere was charged with patriotism as flag-waving demonstrators passionately chanted slogans in solidarity with the army and called for the protection of their territory.

The epicenter of the protests was Khairiya square, where a large gathering of demonstrators urged the country’s leadership to mobilize additional support for the army.

The outpouring of support came in response to the deadly clashes that occurred on Friday, resulting in the SCC-Khatumo fighters seizing control of Gojacade, Maraaga, and other areas on the outskirts of Laas’nod town.

In a bold move, the SCC-Khatumo fighters showcased captured military equipment and presented soldiers whom they claimed were from the Somaliland army, further fueling the tensions on the ground. The display of military hardware and the alleged capture of Somaliland army personnel added to the sense of urgency and concern among the demonstrators.

Responding to the mounting crisis, Somaliland President Muse Bihi rallied the opposition in a show of solidarity with the military. President Bihi held a crucial meeting with Abdirahman Irro, the leader of the Waddani party, wherein they discussed the ongoing situation and the urgent need to support the national army.

The demonstrations in Hargeisa reflect the deep concern and determination of the populace to safeguard their territory and support the armed forces in the face of adversity. The defeat in the Sool region has galvanized the public, igniting a strong sense of national unity and rallying support behind the army.

The Somaliland government is now faced with the critical task of addressing the defeat and devising a strategy to reclaim the lost territories.

The situation in Somaliland remains tense as the aftermath of the clashes continues to unfold. The government will undoubtedly face significant challenges in regaining control of the lost areas and restoring stability.

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