Amisom’s Withdrawal Pegged On SNA Strength, Gen. Subagle Says

The commander of the African Union peace keeping forces in Somalia Gen. Osman Nur Subagle says Amisom troops will only leave the country when the Somali National Army is capable to take over its role.

Speaking to the government-owned media SNTV, Gen. Subagle said AMISOM’s withdrawal will be gradual.

“AMISOM will not just leave but it will leave with a plan. There should be well trained, equipped military with high respect for their order of ranks” Gen Subagle said.

The Somali military should be getting salaries and good care. And Alshabaab’s strength should be weakened” said Gen. Subagle.

Gen. Subagle reiterated that there is a good working relationship between AMISOM troops and the Somali National Army.

AMISOM troops were scheduled to leave Somalia from 2018.

An insurgency in the horn of Africa still persists on with an ill equipped and low paid SNA struggling to gain control of areas held by  AlQaeda linked militants Alshabaab.




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