Al-Shabaab bans Hormoud telecommunication company centres, disrupting services in multiple regions

The Al-Shabaab militant group has issued a ban on 35 centers operated by the Hormoud Telecommunication Company in several regions under their control.

The group has reportedly instructed residents in these areas to distance themselves from the company’s services and switch to alternative providers.

Additionally, all vehicles belonging to the telecom company have been halted from operating within the affected regions.

While there has been no official confirmation of a complete shutdown of Hormoud’s services by Al-Shabaab, reports indicate that tensions have been escalating between the company and the Al-Shabaab leaders. Allegedly, the group has been pressuring Hormuud to cease providing service to government forces’ salaries through their mobile phones.

However, the company has expressed difficulties in implementing such a measure.

The ban imposed by Al-Shabaab on Hormoud’s centers has had a significant impact on the affected regions, resulting in service disruptions and inconveniences for the local population. This move by the the group is perceived as an attempt to assert control over communication networks and limit the influence of the telecom giant in areas under their authority.

The Hormoud Telecommunication Company, one of the leading telecom providers in Somalia, has played a crucial role in connecting people across the country and facilitating essential communication services.

Its services have been widely utilized by both civilians and government entities, making it a crucial lifeline for many.

The situation remains fluid, with the impact of the ban on Hormoud’s services yet to be fully assessed.

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