Danab Special Forces Graduate in Preparation for Al-Shabaab Battle

Over 400 highly trained Danab special forces have successfully completed months of rigorous training.

The graduation ceremony, held at the prestigious Baledogley Military Academy (BMA), was graced by the presence of Somalia’s Minister of Defence, HE Abdulkadir Mohamed Nur, and witnessed by esteemed dignitaries, including US Charge d’Affairs Shane Dixon and Gen Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyidin, the Somali Chief of Defence Forces.

The specialized training program, conducted in collaboration with the Africa Training and Military Information Systems (ATMIS), United States’ Africa Command (AFRICOM), and Bancroft, focused on equipping the Danab commandoes with a diverse range of skills necessary for combating Al-Shabaab.

These skills encompassed VIP protection, counterinsurgency operations, quick reactions to insurgent raids, and the handling of explosive ordinance devices.

The training initiative falls under the ambit of ATMIS’ mandate, which aims to empower and enhance the capabilities of the Somalia Security Forces (SSF) in safeguarding their nation and its people. This endeavor aligns with the directives outlined in United Nations Security Council Resolution 2670 (2022), UNSCR (2687), AU Communique 1068 (2022), and the recently agreed-upon Somali Transition Plan by all Troop Contributing Countries.

The graduation ceremony symbolized the successful culmination of the intensive and comprehensive training program, which tested the commandoes’ physical endurance, tactical acumen, and mental resilience. The event showcased their exceptional skills and readiness to confront the menace of Al-Shabaab head-on.

The presence of esteemed guests underlined the international community’s commitment to supporting Somalia’s efforts in combating terrorism and fostering stability within the region. US Charge d’Affairs Shane Dixon’s attendance underscored the United States’ unwavering dedication to the cause, while the participation of Gen Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyidin and other high-ranking officials from the Somali National Army (SNA) reaffirmed the government’s commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities.

Bancroft Country Director Mr. Richard Rouguet’s presence highlighted the collaborative nature of the training program, emphasizing the importance of international partnerships in achieving long-term security objectives. Lt Col Peter Barigye, the UPDF ATMIS Sector BMA Commander, played a pivotal role in overseeing the training program, ensuring its seamless execution and adherence to the highest standards.

The newly graduated commandoes are now poised to join the frontlines, bolstering Somalia’s security apparatus and reinforcing its ability to protect its people and territory.

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