Why The 3 Somali Ministers Were Sacked

True to Radio Dalsan’s analysis and prediction that was published several months ago it came to pass that Ministers Abdi Farah Said Juha, Yusuf Garaad and Khadra Ahmed Dualle would face the sack.

Interior Minister Abdi Farah Said Juha was in charge of a sensitive and significant portfolio in a country merging from over two decades of civil war.

He found himself under pressure scrutiny is trouble when he fired his DG with no consultation with his boss the Prime Minister of Somalia.

PM Hassan Khaire had to intervene when the public demanded answers for the summary dismissal of the DG.

There had been concerns about alleged absenteeism and supposed unnecessary trips abroad at the expense of the tax payer in a period of crisis.

Sacked Foreign Affairs Minister Yusuf Garaad was under public scrutiny a few months after his appointment.


His critics pointed out supposed disconnect to the happenings in Somalia especially at a time when regional states were raising concern over the need to have then included in foreign affairs matters that directly affect them.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry had been under scrutiny recently following a controversial decision by the Minister Khadra Ahmed Dualle to dissolve the Somalia Chamber of Commerce.

Insiders say relations between the Chamber of Commerce and the Minister had been at an all time low consequently affecting the running of the body.

Radio Dalsan had learnt that no consultation was made with the PM prior to the controversial move by Dualle.

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