UN Under-Secretary-General and President Mohamud Collaborate on Counterterrorism and UNSOS Support in Somalia

The UN Under-Secretary-General Mr. Atul Khare engaged in crucial discussions with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud during a working visit to Somalia on Sunday.

According to a statement released by Villa Somalia, the official residence of the President, the meeting between the two leaders primarily centered on three key areas: the ongoing military offensive against terrorists, the drawdown of troops from the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), and the United Nations Support Office in Somalia’s (UNSOS) post-ATMIS support to Somalia.

The discussions underscored the shared determination of the international community and the Somali government to combat terrorism and ensure lasting peace and security in the country. The military offensive against terrorist groups, particularly Al-Shabaab, has been a focal point of efforts to stabilize Somalia and protect its citizens from the threat of extremism.

The ATMIS, a crucial component of these counterterrorism operations, has received vital logistics support from UNSOS. As the UN Support Office in Somalia, UNSOS plays a pivotal role in providing the necessary logistical assistance to both ATMIS and the Somali Security Forces (SSF). This support has been instrumental in strengthening the capacity of Somali forces and facilitating their collaboration with international partners in the fight against terrorism.

The meeting between Mr. Atul Khare and President Mohamud also addressed the ATMIS troop drawdown, which reflects the progress made in enhancing the capabilities of the Somali Security Forces.

The gradual transition of responsibilities from ATMIS to the SSF is a significant step towards achieving a self-reliant and sustainable security framework in Somalia.

The discussions delved into UNSOS’ post-ATMIS support to Somalia. The United Nations remains committed to assisting Somalia beyond the ATMIS mission by providing continued support in various areas such as capacity-building, infrastructure development, and institution strengthening. This support will be crucial in ensuring the long-term stability and prosperity of the country.

The meeting between UN Under-Secretary-General Atul Khare and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud signifies the strong partnership between the United Nations and Somalia in their joint efforts to combat terrorism and promote peace.

It reinforces the commitment to working together to address the challenges faced by Somalia and to lay the foundation for a secure and prosperous future.

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