Turkish ship with 11000 tons of aid leaves Istanbul port for Mogadishu

Turkish Red Crescent vessel carrying more than 11000 food aid for the victims of drought in Somalia has left Istanbul  Haydarpasa Port.

According to the chairman of Turkish disaster and emergency management authority (AFAD) Fuad Oktay  the ship is expected to dock at Mogadishu port on 15th this month.

Mr. Oktay said the donation from the people and government of Turkley is meant for world mother’s day.

Hard hitting drought has affected northern parts of Somalia leaving pastoralists lose thousands of livestocks they depended on.

Turkish government has donated close to US Dollars 500 million to respond to the needs of those affected by the natural calamity.

Ankara which is strong ally of Mogadishu also helps in the federal government in the areas of defense, education, and health and among others.

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