Stand off between ASWJ and Somali Ministry of Religion over Hajj bidding process

Spokesman for Ahlu Sunna WaljJama’a (ASWJ), Sheikh Abdulkadir Soomoow, announced that the body has cut ties with the Ministry of Religion and Endowment of Somalia.

This unfolds as fortnight ago  PM assured  Hamza Abdi that his government would transparently manage and monitor the companies delivering Hajj services.

The spokesman accused the Federal Ministry of Religion of mismanaging the competition for Hajj administration this year in an interview with the Somali press.

He asserted that there was favourism in the bidding process.

“We filed a complaint alleging that the Ministry barred us from participating in the Hajj bidding process for pilgrims this year. “Since the Ministry blatantly  permitted a special party with no competition, we declare that we have terminated our cooperation with the Ministry,” the spokesman said.

The frontman also voiced  that ASWJ would not resume cooperation with the Ministry until the Minister of Mukhtar Robow and the Director of the Ministry are removed from their positions for their alleged injustice at the Ministry.

This allegation from the ASWJ spokesperson coincides with the Ministry of Religion’s announcement that the companies that passed the first round of the competition will be interviewed to determine which companies will serve Somali pilgrims this year.

It is worth noting that every year during Hajj, conflicts arise as a result of competition between companies seeking to serve Somali pilgrims.Chief Minster Hamza Abdi Bare had earlier on expressed his frustrations at the high cost of Hajj for Somali pilgrims compared to the rest of East Africa.

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