South West leader inaugurates major road construction project in Baidoa

South West leader Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed, popularly known as ‘Laftagareen,’ officially commenced the first phase of a significant road construction project in Baidoa.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of Ismail Abdirahman Sheikh Bashir, the Federal Minister of Public Works, Reconstruction and Housing, and a delegation of Members of Parliament under his leadership.

The South West State, in collaboration with international donors, has undertaken several road construction initiatives across various parts of the state.

The commencement of this road construction project marks a significant step forward in enhancing connectivity, facilitating trade and commerce, and improving the overall quality of life for residents.

The road construction projects spearheaded by the South West State aim to overcome the challenges posed by inadequate infrastructure, which has hindered economic growth and impeded the movement of goods and services.

By investing in robust road networks, the administration seeks to create an enabling environment that encourages investment, spurs job creation, and accelerates the pace of development in the region.

As the first phase of the road construction project kicks off, the residents of Baidoa and the South West State as a whole can look forward to enhanced connectivity, improved access to essential services, and increased opportunities for economic growth.

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