Somaliland Drilling First Oil Well in Togdheer Region Despite federal gov’t objection

Somaliland has officially announced that it will start drilling the first oil well in Togdheer region in its quest to develop the country’s oil resources despite objection from the federal government.

Minister of Energy and Minerals of Somaliland Abdillahi Farah Abdi, who spoke at a ceremony to inaugurate the drilling of an oil well by Genel Energy, said that this is the last step in oil exploration.

“We said that the last step of oil drilling has started, the well is called Toosan 1, it is located in a large area where the oil enters called Hood in the Togdheer region,” said Minister Farah.

He said that it is not certain whether the oil will come out, but it is the last step in the oil exploration, and there is great hope that the bottom will be reached, and the oil will come out.

He said that this well will be the beginning of the drilling of up to 16 oil fields, and that Tosan 1 is the largest oil well that has been discovered after a period of exploration.

Minister Farah added that there will be large awareness events to explain to the public about fuel and how to operate it, and the biggest one will be held in Burco.

Somaliland claimed independence from Somalia since 1991, but has never been recognized internationally.

After the collapse of the Somali government in 1991, the northern region of Somaliland re-established itself as an autonomous state.

It has its own government, currency, and security forces.

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