Somalia’s anti-corruption drive: 40 gov’t officials investigated for corruption

Over the past three months, the Office of the Attorney General in Somalia has been investigating 40 government officials for corruption, theft of public property, abuse of power, and negligence of responsibility.

The investigation is part of a larger effort by the Somali government to combat corruption and promote transparency in its institutions.

According to a statement from the Office of the Attorney General, 18 of the officials under investigation have already been referred to court. The remaining 22 are still under investigation.

The Prime Minister has called for increased efforts to fight corruption and has emphasized accountability as a top priority.

As Somalia continues its path towards rebuilding and strengthening its institutions, eradicating corruption remains a crucial priority for the nation’s progress and the well-being of its citizens.

The Somali government has faced numerous challenges in recent years, including political instability, terrorism, and humanitarian crises. Corruption within the government only exacerbates these issues, hindering progress and perpetuating poverty and inequality.

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