Somalia: Khatumo President sends strong warning message to Somaliland

The President of the autonomous state of Khatumo Ali Khalif Galeyr has on Sunday told the press that his state will go into fight with the breakaway state of Somaliland, because he said they are unlawfully occupying some parts of Sool region which he said legally belongs to them.

“For a longtime the so called Somaliland has been doing continues provocation within our territory, but this time round we saying enough is enough and we shall be waging war against them soon so that we recapture our land, and as well show them who we are” said President Ali Khalif.

On the other hand the President of Khatumo added that he will be filling case against the President of Somaliland in the ICC for doing violations and other inhuman acts in Sool region.

There is prolong land dispute between the two administration and they went into fight foe several times of which the latest one occurred at Kalabaayr and Bilicad locations.

Somaliland breakaway from the rest of Somalia in 1993, and declared an independent state.

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