Somalia Federal MPs embrace for unity of Somalia

MP Mahadi Guleed who hails from Hargeisa Somaliland stated he was elated to see Somalia’s federal government flag erected in Las Anod despite some leaders considering it treasonous.

The leader of Somalia’s 11th bicameral parliament made a clarion call for the unison of larger Somalia stating after three decades of war and conflict the region can’t stand further political and ethnic division amidst las Anod’s tussle to join the larger Somalia after 15-year rule by Somali land.

The former deputy prime minister also condemned the use of excessive force by the Somaliland authorities against civilians in Las’anod after 20 people were killed in the recent weeks of protests.

MP Guleed’s partying short was for the Somali people to unite and fight against their common enemy (Al Shabaab militants) which is a threat to the political, social, and economical development of the nation.

Prof Abdi Ismail Samatar also hails from Somaliland braced Mr. Guleed’s notion to have a united Somalia.

The SSC grand clan assembly began today in Las’Anod. This consultative conference was attended by the 33-member committee appointed by Garad Jama Ismail, as well as all traditional leaders.

The last few months has seen Las Anod in Somalia’s Sool region embedded in political turmoil

Straddling the breakaway region of Somaliland and Puntland, it had only been subject to local political bickering between clans. But in December last year, violence broke out as protesters demanded a response to security concerns from officials in Somaliland.

Las Anod, 1,000km northeast of Mogadishu, is the capital of Sool region. When security forces shot and killed dozens, the calm broke. It worsened when crowds took up arms and demanded that Somaliland forces leave town.
Once the Somaliland law enforcers left, the protesters chanted their desire for a united Somalia, waving the Somalia flag.


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