Somalia: Alshabab official apprehend and deported to Mogadishu

Reports coming in from Elbuur district in Galgaduud region say that Alshabab official who was caught in Elbuur district will be deported to Mogadishu and extradited to the Somali National Intelligence Security Agency.

The officer whose name was identified as Ali Yussuf, but also known as Ali Ganey was caught in an operation jointly conducted by the Somali soldiers and the AU troops in Elshiid location which some few km away from Elbuur district.

“This man we caught is among the high ranking officials of Alshabab, and his operational coverage is Elbuur and its surrounding areas, and he will obviously face the justice and I will urge the youths who are in Alshabab group to surrender themselves to the government” says Colonel Mohamed Kaahiye Arale.

There were some other Alshabab officials who were caught in Galgadud region and handed over to the national security agency in Mogadishu.

Lately there are sequences of security operations which are being jointly carried out by the Somali government soldiers and their ally the African Union troops in Elbuur district and its surrounding locations.

There are also soldiers from Mogadishu who are taking part in operations in order to oust Alshabab from some of their strongholds in the region.

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