Somalia: Minister for Defense in Garbaharey

A delegation from the Somali Federal Republic spearheaded by the Minister for defense Abdikadir Sheikh Ali Diini has on Monday safely reached in Garbaharey district the regional headquarters of Gedo region in Southwest Somalia.

The arrival of the delegation coincided at a time when there is high political tension in the district. It was recently that the regional state of Jubbaland has sent a full administrational members in Garbaharey district to take over from the previous administration which was appointed by the Somali Federal government, and the former administration has insisted not to hand over the district administration to the newly appointed administrational members.

There were other officials from Jubbaland and some members of the Somali national assembly who has been at large involved in mediating the two sides, but it has ended in vain.

So far since this political tension has aroused Mr. Diini will be the highest ranking official, who visited the district, and it is not yet manifest what the outcome will be.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein

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