Somalia marks 61st anniversary of its blue flag

Somalia is marking 61st anniversary since the great blue flag with white star at the center was presented by own and accepted as the official and national flag of the republic of Somalia.

Hero Mohammed Awale Liban was the man behind the design of the blue Somali flag with white star in October 1954 before it was hoisted as national flag across the country in 1st July 1960 bringing to an end to brutal colonization of Italian and British in Somali land.

The light blue color stands for the sky while the white five point star represents five Somali national scattered across Djibouti, Ogaden region Ethiopia, North Eastern Kenya, British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.

In an effort to celebrate this great day Somali government with its regional state governments have organized colorful ceremonies across the country.

Security has being heightened in the capital Mogadishu where the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and other senior government officials are expected to attend the flag hoisting ceremony.

Hundreds of security personnel mainly special forces have been deployed across the city in an effort to preempt any possible attempted attack during this significant day.

The decoration of the blue flag can be seen across the city streets and some shops in preparation to welcome this great day.

The country is recovering from more than two decades of civil war that was precipitated by the ouster of former President Mohammed Siyyad Barre in early 1990s.

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