Somali Politicians Warn Against The Illegal Extension Of Legislative And Presidential Terms

Former leaders of the country and notable politicians have dissented with the motion to extend the Federal governments tenure which was tabled in Somalia’s bicameral parliament .

They expressed concern in a joint statement released on Wednesday that an illegal extension of the mandates would cause delays in government building, political stability, and counter-terrorism efforts.

The statement, signed by Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Hassan Ali Kheire, Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, former parliament speaker Sharif Hassan, and lawmaker Abdulkhadir Osoble, stated that “it is regrettable that the Federal Parliament leadership has taken a conspiratorial step to prevent the fight against Al Shabaab and the building of the country’s government.We have yet to resolve the issue caused by the previous government’s attempt to extend the mandate.”

The politicians condemned the parliament leadership’s violations of the national Constitution and warned that if the illegal extension was carried out, the rebuilding of the country’s government would be significantly delayed.

They urged the country’s leaders not to take this step, declaring that they would never accept an illegal extension.





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