SNA soldiers in liberated Masjid Ali Gadud receive supplies donated by Somali diaspora in US

Soldiers in the front line fighting to regain their positions in newly liberated Masjid Ali Gadud Town have received new supplies aimed at helping them continue resisting al-Shabab which was removed from the area after 15-year control.

The donations which include camels, food and non-food items were donated by the Somali Diaspora living in the United States.

The Federal Parliament representative for the area, Yusssuf Mohamed Yussuf thanked the Diaspora community for spearheading efforts in supporting the Somali Army and Ma’wisley militia.

The legislature lauded the Somali Army and the government allied militia for undertaking offensive operations aimed at weeding out the network from Somalia.

He said the supplies will help his military respond urgently to the emergencies and support local communities in newly liberated areas.

“This is just the beginning. More support from the Diaspora is coming. This is just from Minnesota more help is coming from our brothers and sisters in the diaspora,” said Mr. Yussuf.

The Governor for the Middle Shabelle Region Ahmed Meyre Makaran led military and other senior officials of the Somali Government in receiving the donation.

The Governor has appealed for help more to respond to the civilian population who are lacking basic human needs like healthcare and education.

“We want to encourage our patriots to rally behind this course aimed at supporting those in the frontlines,”said Governor Meyre Makaran.

“The government and the Somali people have all unanimously decided to liberate themselves from the hands of the militants, a reality that can be achieved if we are all united,” he added.


Masjid Ali Gaduud has been a frontline between Somali Forces who have instituted a Forward Operating Base and al-Shabab which has been controlling the town.

Hundreds of Militants were killed in the operation to flush out the group which has besieged governments in Mogadishu for close to 15 years.

The successful offensive follows recents military advancements by the Somali Army in pursuit of al-Shabab to remove them from parts of central and southern Somalia.

The liberation of the latest Town came just a day after Somalia’s government said the military forced al-Shabab out of 30 villages in clashes this month that killed more than 200 militants.

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud responded to the deadly siege by announcing a “total war” against the militants.

The Somali Government has issued an urgent plea for international help for wounded victims of devastating car bombings at the weekend that claimed the lives of 100 people.

The attack tests the government’s ability to secure the conflict-weary nation, including the capital of nearly 2.5 million people.

Al-Shabaab fighters have stepped up their attacks in Somalia since Mohamud was elected in May and vowed an “all-out-war” on the Islamists.

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