Puntland Military Court Executes Three Al-shabab suspects

Puntland security Forces continue security sweeps in Mudug region.

Somalia’s Mudug region police have been placed on high alert following a security sweeps conducted by the region police in the last 24-hours. Mudug deputy commissioner Ahmed Muse said that police have captured mass number of Al-shabaab suspects.

“The region’s security has been improving because our forces in here are devoted to detain anyone who violates security and the people we have arrested comprise Al-shabaab suspects and other key offenders “” Ahmed Muse has said.

“The operations we did have resulted unswerving stability in Mudug region and its outskirts, Puntland forces have been conducting door by door operations” he said.

Galkcyo local council has been scheduled to hold their normal session on Monday amid more forces have been deployed Galkacyo major roads to ward off any Al-shabaab attack.

Puntland Military Court Executes Three Al-shabab suspects

A military court in Puntland on Monday executed three Al-shabab members who allegedly raided several region soldiers and government officials in the port town of Bosasso. Mohamed Abdi Axmed , Xaajow Siikh  and Ismail were executed by a firing squad after the court found them guilty of killing renowned people in Puntland.

“The three Al-shabsab members were captured in overnight clashes between Puntland Forces and the Al-shabaab fighters in Gal-gala Mountains last year “unrevealed military court judge said in a statement. He said that Puntland security has been questioning them since last year.

He said the deceased Al-shabab members have confessed for being Al-shabaab despite Puntland forces in Bari region has been targeting Al-shabaab suspects and their aide in the region. Al-shabab is seeking to topple western backed Mogadishu based government and to impose Islamic Sheria law.


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