PRESS RELEASE – Statement on the Motion of No-Confidence Against the President

(For Immediate Release)

Statement on the Motion of No-Confidence Against the President

15 August 2015, Mogadishu, Somalia – The Forum for Unity and Democracy (FUD) supports the democratic right of the Federal Parliament to debate and vote on the impeachment of the President.

The FUD agrees with the position of Members of Parliament (MPs) and reiterates the constitutional responsibility of MPs to hold the President accountable.

In order to entrench a democratic culture, it is imperative that all voices of the representatives of the people be heard and respected, and the Constitution be upheld and protected.

The FUD strongly urges the Speaker and the Chief Justice to allow the debate and the subsequent voting to take place without impediments.

The Forum is of the opinion that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has failed to lead our country and that the tabled impeachment has a legitimate basis.

The President, consistently, has behaved unconstitutionally, undermined the integrity and independence of our national institutions, and facilitated a system of patronage and corruption that unfortunately has resulted in the misappropriation of public resources.

The President has also personalized the affairs of the state and has not engendered inclusivity of the national stakeholders in major political processes. Moreover, sadly, the President has derailed the realization of Vision 2016.

The constitutional review process leading up to the referendum and elections in 2016 constitute major political milestones articulated in the Provisional Constitution.

It is an inalienable right of Somali citizens to adopt their Constitution and elect their political representatives and leaders. This right cannot and should not be denied by the vested interests of the President.

We appeal to the President to allow the democratic process to unfold within the constitutional framework.

Any attempt to tamper or corrupt this process will be perilous and will undermine the political stability and unity of our nation.

Further, in the interest of the nation, we respectfully call on the President to resign from office and save the nation from political dissolution and state collapse.

At this critical juncture in our country’s history, the FUD calls on the Somali public to stand and support many of their own representatives who are asking the President to step down in the hope of rescuing our nation.

The Forum appreciates the support that the International Community is providing to our nation-building and calls on them to support the ongoing democratic process.

We believe that our national institutions will have the capacity and commitment to deliver on their responsibility.


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