President: ‘’Somalia is moving forward, and there is no enough time for unnecessary disputes’’

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has made key remarks on several issues facing the country particularly in politics, security, economy and social affairs.

He said he was aware of a group of parliamentarians, who have prepared a no confidence motion against him, adding that the parliament has other more important national issues to deal with at the moment, instead of such a move.

‘’When the Federal Government of Somalia came into power in 2012, only few districts were in the hands of the government. Today the situation is different. The Somali National Army and African Union troops (AMISOM) are about to take over the few places remaining in the hands of Al Shabab, after determined and well planned military action that saw Al Shabab losing many grounds to the government forces. I admit that the parliament and other constitutional institutions have done a lot of tangible work, and the successes we are enjoying today came through the unity and the cooperation of these institutions. We have a very limited time in hands, and as we know the parliament and the government have huge tasks to accomplish, to ensure smooth achievement of Vision 2016. The limited time we have, does not allow us to engage in disputes and unnecessary issues against the interest of our nation’’, said the president.

The President has further said the parliament has constitutional duties to support national activities, and because of that the government is obliged to respect the tasks of the parliament. He said it’s wise that the parliament does not use its powers to undermine the national interests and the tasks lying ahead of the great nation of Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud also mentioned the significant progress the government has made in federalization, where several new interim administrations were established since he came into power, and the recent agreement which will enable the creation of a new regional administration for Middle Shabeelle and Hiiraan regions.

‘’The international community is fully supporting the national building activities that we are undertaking. We succeeded in federalizing the country. There are other tangible progresses made on politics, security and providing of basic social services. The international community and the Somali constitutional institutions have agreed that the country cannot hold one man one vote model of election due to the circumstances existing. Instead we will have our own alternative model of election in 2016’’.

The President has also mentioned the recent UN Security Council resolution 2232 (2015), in which the Council supported the commitment of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and his government to come up with an inclusive and credible electoral process in 2016, and the Council’s expectation that there should not be an extension of electoral process timeliness for neither the executive or legislative branches.

‘’In accordance with our commitment and UNSC resolution I would like to reiterate that we are determined not to have an extension, but will work to have in place an inclusive process to agree on the model for the electoral process and ensuring that the National Independent Electoral Commission and Boundaries and Federation Committee are operational without further delay’’.

He said Somalia had experienced disputes and unnecessary rifts due to terms extension exercised during the transitional governments in the last decade.
The UN Security Council Resolution 2232 also emphasized that all key actors and institutions in Somalia, including Parliament, to engage constructively to ensure progress on Vision 2016 before an electoral process in 2016.

The President, who is also the Commander in Chief of the national army has also praised the Somali National Army, African Union Peacekeepers (AMISOM), and the people for their collaboration in the fighting of eliminating Al Shabab from their remaining few hideouts in the country.

He said Somalia is moving forward, and that no one is ready to look back because of a small group or individuals who have their own personal interests, rather than national interests.


Daud Aweis
Office of the President
Federal Republic of Somalia
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